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    Peter Measey


    I’m a newbie in UKWA, so hello to all. My Wayfarer, which I only bought 6 months ago, is a 1960 MK1, sail number 180. Although she’s in very good condition for age, I’m planning to restore her this autumn / winter. With that in mind I wonder if anyone could help with a few questions.

    1. What  would be best paint for the inside bottom (under the boards) ? I guess I just need to strip the existing paint, which is starting to flake, and repaint ?

    2. What would be the best paint for the outside hull ? Again, I guess a good sand down and repaint over the existing paint would do the job ?

    3. What’s the best varnish for topsides and insides ?

    4. I think some water has got into the transom as some of the wood has started to go black under the varnish. I guess the best thing here is a full sand down to remove any dark wood and then multiple coats of varnish ?

    Huge thanks to anyone who can give me advice.

    All the best



    Hi Pete,

    Ask 10 people what the best paint to use is and you will get 10 different answers!  With that in mind my wooden boat has International Toplac paint on the hull. The wood work has been stripped to bare wood, epoxied and two pack Perfection Plus varnish applied.  Underneath the floorboards I used grey bilge paint from Craftmaster Paints which is very durable and a good finish.  Your transom can be stripped and you might be lucky to get rid of the staining with hot oxalic acid. I use single pack paint on the hull because it is easy to repair when you scrape the hull.  Two pack varnish gives a very durable finish with only three coats which can be rubbed down and polished should you want a glass like finish (which is easy to slide off). Floorboards have been painted with International non-slip paint.

    Peter Measey

    Cheers John, that’s great.

    thanks very much


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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