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    Rooster Sailing are clearing out slow moving stock on their Ebay clearance store and have just reduced some Wayfarer cruising spinnakers for the second time to £195 which is about half price or even less. Bargain at this price. I bought one and see that there are now only two left so be quick if you want one. Item number is 120728589976.
    Dave. 8)


    Update: I have now received my Rooster spinnaker and had chance to give it the once over. It is a good bit of kit with radially cut clews and in all white it looks good with white sails. They sell it as a cruising spinnaker but if you can’t win your club races with it then you’re doing something else wrong or racing against Ben Ainslie! All in all, for £195 you can’t beat it. Even includes new sail bag. Still 2 left at time of update (04/08/12).


    I bought one of these sails a few years ago, it was sold to me as a racing spinnaker. It failed to measure as it was about 150mm too long. I sent it back and asked for my money back, they did not contact me, but altered it by shortening the foot and sent it back without repayment. The consequence of their alteration is that it is impossible to set it on a reach. The sail is useless for racing and I am very disappointed. These sails can be used for cruising, but never for any racing as they do not measure to the class rules.


    Ah yes, should have pointed out that they may not measure as are being sold as cruising spinnakers. OK to use at some clubs I am sure but not for Association races, opens etc. Mine sets well and represents £195 well spent as a cruising kite even it it does fall outside class rules. I’ve seen used ones sell for as much.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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