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    Dear Forum

    Word of introduction…….new to UKWA……..just bought MkII (9002) shared between three of us. Reasonable nick but needs total fit-out for cruising. Forgive therefore the spate of questions that may emerge.

    First up is that the self-bailers are stiff. They will close fully but it takes a fair bit of force – similar to open fully. We have taken them out and I have soaked overnight in soapy water and then attacked with WD40. Feels like there is a load of sand in the hinge mechanism but no clear way into to clear it out.

    Wondering if just have to accept that the mechanism will remain stiff or any tips for getting the sand out and loosening up a bit?

    Yours sincerely

    Trevor Thompson

    Colin Parkstone

    If you take the handle off and drop the bailer to the open position I think it will drop back from the hinge and part of the frame.
    You can take the bailer apart by removing the rivets and replacing the rubber gasket. Then re rivet together again.
    Watch out with WD 40 on the rubber, it may perish it.
    I use Vaseline on the side of my bailers, small smear is all thats needed!



    Thanks – will try and disassemble – but maybe not to the point of needing to rivet it – and thanks for the WD40 warning


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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