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    Janet Rutherford

    What sort of shackle is used to attach a standard forestay to the ring in the mast (i.e. eyes at both ends)? I have a box of assorted shackles and don’t know which one to use. I obviously have to use the right one for the correct tension.


    Dave Barker

    Pick one that is reasonably strong and won’t rattle undone in the wind.

    The forestay shouldn’t be particularly tight – it’s basically only there to keep the mast upright when you don’t have a foresail on the boat, so the shackle doesn’t have to be capable of taking huge loads – but it’s too high up for you easily to keep a regular eye on it, hence the need to use something that won’t work loose while you’re looking the other way. Ours is (I think) something that seems to be called a rigging clip, rather than a true shackle.


    Janet Rutherford

    Thanks Dave

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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