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    I am a relative newcomer to this sailing mullarky and tried out the gennakker, in conjunction with our club instructor, this weekend. There was only one attachment for the downhaul on my sail, which meant it didn’t retrieve very well into the chute. My boat, which is a six year old Wayfarer World, was purchased from Porters, who also manufactured it, and the Jeckells gennaker is as supplied by Porters. Is there a reason for just the one attachment or would it be worthwhile attaching an additional routing loop – if so, whereabouts on the sail should this be? I have found a similar thread on this forum regarding a gennaker supplied through Porters, but it fizzled out without a conclusion.


    Mick W10465

    Colin Parkstone

    You would have to add two new attachment Mick at third and two thirds points.
    I would say the higher one should be an attachment while the lower one an eye or ring to route the down haul through. Top one on the outside of the sail and the lower one if a ring also.
    This folds the sail into a smaller package to go down the chute.


    And use a stopper ball on the downhaul between the two patches so that when pulled together the two ‘flowers’ are separated by around 6″. Otherwise the two flowers will bunch up into a great big lump that will not fit into the mouth of the chute.


    Thanks ColinDave. My sail only has one attacment, half-way down the luff. Looks like a trip to my friendly sail maker.

    Thanks again,



    Our old World was also supplied by Porters with a new set of Jeckells sails so I assumed the asymmetrical spinnaker was set up correctly but wondered why we had to hand-stuff it down the shute! It seems as though a little adjustment would make recovery easier/perfect. Great news, what a wonderful thing the forum is!
    LizzieB 9922

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