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    Just wondered if anyone had sprayed their mast as I have just bought one that needs respraying.

    Any recommendations on which paint to use?




    In his excellent book “Sailboat Refinishing”, American author Don Casey (you can get this book from Amazon describes painting a mast.

    He starts by rubbing it with a 400 grit wet and dry to key the surface before using an etch primer, followed by 2 part polyurethane paint applied with a roller and a brush to get into the groove. Don’t attempt to spray 2 part it is very toxic in aerosol form.

    I suppose if you lubricate your sail and mast with something like Sailkote it should last a while. As with all painting time spent in preparation will pay back with finish and longevity.

    Good luck with that and post some pictures of the finished result.


    Thanks for the advice!

    In the end I did two coats of Hammerite spray paint followed by a clear lacquer coat.

    The Blue spreaders were also sprayed and lacquered.

    Really pleased with the result!

    Better photos to follow later along with photos of Bobbins first launch since completion.


    Dave Bevan

    Looks great. Will it flex with the mast? Did you etch-prime it first, or isn’t that necessary on anodised Ali?


    Seems to flex with the mast ok. I didn’t etch prime, but if I was doing it again I would because any scratches show up the original gold.






Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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