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    Following my comments of the existence of Composite Mark 1’s that had missed the Wayfarer Versions & Vintages, I received the following message from another composite owner, John in Spain.

    “Hi Peter I live in Estepona on the Costa del sol and sail a wayfarer Mk1 composite No.2761. I cruise all year round and the boat is admired were ever I go. I keep it in pristeen condition. I’m wondering just how many composite versions were built, would anybody know? Regards John W.2761 Estepona Spain”

    I personally know of two in Hampshire, W2721 also at HillHead SC and W2791 Wetnest a very well travelled cruiser.

    Composite Mark 1’s are often said to be the perfect cruising Wayfarer by those that know. How many more are out there?

    W3035 Bramble


    Hi Peter,

    I agree with you, we have W3366, not in pristine condition yet, but sails beautifully on the Thames.



    We have a composite Mk1 – 2850 which we sail on beautiful Kielder Water in Northumberland.


    Andy Keefe

    I’m joining the conversation three years late, so hope someone is still reading this: I have a Mark 1 Composite (W2727) which I keep in Brightlingsea in Essex. She was bought new in 1971 from the Boat Show by an uncle of mine who sailed her in Brightlingsea. He later moved to Fiji and left her with my father for a few years before being taken on by another uncle and kept at Leigh-On-Sea for 25 years until last summer when he handed her on to me. We sailed her back to Brightlingsea together in August where she will soon be sailed by a third generation of our family. Currently undergoing a refit but still sea worthy and remarkably fast for her age.


    Hi Andy

    Welcome to a small and discerning band of Composite Mark 1 owners.

    There is something special about them, hope you will enjoy sailing her and be able to pass her on to the next generation

    Wishing you fair winds

    Bramble W3035

    Dave Barker

    Looking forward to our first sail in W3177, which we bought from Hamish Grigor in 2009, but have only just got around to refurbishing, with much input from Nigel Potter and team (Paintcraft). I hope the Mk1 composite is the ideal cruising Wayfarer as that is the reason we decided to change boats from Cockle, a Mk2 (W6151).

    A few more mild, dry days of the sort we have enjoyed this past week would be appreciated for fitting out. I managed to make progress with the floorboards today, concentrating on stripping and (next job) epoxying the edges. Minor repairs and some reinforcement needed to the area around the self-bailer access opening on one board, otherwise they’re in nice condition, as is the rest of the boat, albeit with new thwart and tabernacle, and re-made benches (using the superfluous rear ones).


    Hi Dave

    The Composite mark 1 gang seems to be going from strength to strength.

    Thougth for the day, we can’t change the strength of the wind but we can alter the set of our sails.

    BTW Brambles restoration took over 11 years 😳

    Bramble W3035

    David Stanford

    I realise this is an old thread, but just wanted to add myself to the list – owner of 2216, mark 1 composite for a year now, down in Gosport on the south coast. My heart wanted a woodie, my head told me I didn’t have the time for a woodie, and head and heart compromised with the composite, which both head and heart are now very happy with.



    I can’t claim to join this club, alas, but will pass some info about my previous W. “Yours Is Not Disgrace” as she was called, W3883, a composite MkI and winner of the ’76 Worlds, was my first boat. After many happy adventures around the Isle of Lewis I reluctantly realised that I needed to either find a lower maintenance option or get out of Wayfaring entirely. I sold her to the local dinghy instructor and she has been used for taking a large number of children out sailing, to complement the club’s smaller plastic dinghies. He knows what he’s doing when it comes to maintenance so she is in safe hands. I still miss her 🙂

    I now have an ex-school World which is practical but inevitably is an ‘it’ whereas my first boat was a ‘she’…

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