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    I sail wearing hiking trousers (I bought them when doing some Flying Fifteen sailing) and a spray top.

    For extra warmth after a capsize I was thinking of getting a racing top – from the looks of things they are the top half of a wet suit.

    Any body any experience with this ? They would be a cheaper option than a steamer or a dry suit.

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    Nothing beats keeping dry (dry suite) but if you want something that keeps you warm if wet you could do worse than the new tech clothing supplied by the main vendors.

    Polypro tops from Rooster + a hot top + Aquafleece can be worn individually or layered for extra warmth. Gull & Mustoe have their own versions. I actually use them as base layers under a dry suite as well as individually in warmer weather.

    These are all the rage with the Topper fleets and lets face it they need all the help they can get, its a wet boat 😛


    Many thanks for the info; Rooster looks like a nice set of gear at a good price.

    The polypro top looks like it might do the trick as a base layer under my existing breathable “stealth” jacket – would I be correct in saying that ?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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