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    Hi everyone.  My rig tensioner came off whilst sailing the other day.  It was attached by three little M5 bolts which just gripped into the groove on the aft side of the mast.  I don’t want to reattach it the same way as it seems liable to come off again.

    I’m thinking I should get a slightly longer self tapping screws, drill some little holes in the aluminium behind the groove and screw them in like this.  Does this sound reasonable?  Can anyone suggest a better way?


    thanks in advance

    the mast groove

    the tensioner

    the previous bolts


    Hello Leighton, for whatever reason I can’t see the photographs, however I have installed a Highfield lever on a friend’s Wayfarer.

    I think the self tappers risk fraying your halyards, especially if you manage to get the tension on and bend the mast; the halyards will be in contact with the sharp pointy end of the screws.

    I used stainless steel bolts let into tapped holes I drilled in the back of the mainsail groove. If you have not got them, you can buy a tap and die set from Halfords for a quite reasonable price, they will serve you well for the rest of your life so a good investment.  Having drilled the pilot-holes and run the tap through to cut the threads, tie a piece of rag onto your halyard and attach a line to the rag so you can run it up and down a few times to sweep any swarf out and also get the swarf out of the mast foot, it is a bit sharp and could damage the halyards as well as your hands.

    Measure the depth required and cut the bolts so they only just go through into the mast and round over the cut ends. Finally get some Duralac or similar to smear on the threads of the stainless steel bolts where they go into the aluminium mast.

    Job’s a good’un

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