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    So, in an attempt to make our rather tired old Mk1 GRP go a bit faster, the underneath bits are getting a makeover.

    The bent bailers are benign replaced, set to the correct depth and faired smooth … a centreslot gasket is being installed and the undersides tidied.

    Being an old thing and having spent some time at sea, it has a coat (or two) of matt green antifouling. It woudl appear to be roller applied and not in bad condition, but it is certainly not the shiny smooth surface of well maintained GRP.

    My question is, how much difference will it make to speed? Will I gain anything by worthwhile be stripping it and polishing the hull? Would I be better off investing time and effort in something else, like yet another suit of sails, better mast etc?

    And if so, whats the best way to strip it? Tip the usual chemichals on and then stand back?

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