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    Andrew Morrice

    Hi Folks

    friend of mine just posted this on F-book and although its written from a mountaineering and kayaking perspective I think its useful in the way it looks at safety from the point of view of ‘systems’ and ‘margin’: sounds a bit dry but the guy plainly knows what he’s on about even though he’s never been sailing.

    Dave Barker

    Hi Andrew,

    It’s an interesting topic, and one that should be thought-provoking to anyone who cruises a Wayfarer.

    I remember another article that I felt was particularly relevant, in which the writer criticised the term ‘safety equipment’ for things like buoyancy aids, masthead floats, flares etc, persuading us instead to think of a well-found boat and an alert, self-critical crew as the primary safety equipment.

    A few days ago we had to wait to launch our boat because a power boater was blocking the slipway due to a flat starting battery. I muttered to the owner of a third boat nearby something about a second means of propulsion, which was received with blank looks. I explained that this was one reason for us carrying paddles, to which the reply was that “not everyone has a paddle”. This seems a lame excuse in a boat with an engine costing as much as a pretty decent used car. I didn’t ask about anchors…

    Whichever way you look at it, safety enables you to have fun without avoidable bad things happening  What’s not to like?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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