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    I’ve been thinking about making a anchor drum that spins on an extended mast pivot pin – I think I’ve seen articles about this and seen drums mounted in this position on other boats.

    Question is – where does the bitter end get tied off? I have a bit cleat on my foredeck that I usually tie to or sometimes round the mast – I guess with a drum you can drill a hole in the side and lead the bitter end out but then it would get tangled round the pivot pin as the drum spins.

    I don’t think it could just be tied to the pivot pin because it would bend under the loads and I don;t want to leave it untied so that I have to remember to grab the end before it disappears over the side…

    Over to you – what top tips do you have for this….



    Bob Harland

    We used to have this arrangement. The drum was about dia 10″
    The bitter end was fastened to the core of the drum – I don’t see any other way to do it.
    We had about 50m warp in total.
    We had a dia 6mm pivot pin and the drum + warp was on the limit for the weight the pin could handle. It should not be used to take any kind of load. Hopefully you are never anywhere close to the end of your anchor warp. If you find you are using the full extent of anchor warp then it might be an idea to get some more.
    The kicking strap tended to foul the drum when sailing downwind. So we cut part of the drum away to alleviate that.

    hope that helps


    Thanks Bob, that’s pretty much what I thought I’d have to do.

    Do you recommend this sort of set-up? Did it work well(

    Regards, Keith

    Bob Harland

    We had this arrangement for about 10 years in our World with the 10lb plough anchor on the floor sitting in chocks and a short length of chain across the floor to the drum. So the drum has warp wound on it with a couple of metres of chain. We had a lanyard to stop the drum unrolling.
    We found it a very satisfactory arrangement. It was really quick to stow the anchor warp – just wind it on the drum. Easy to let out as much warp as you need to anchor.
    As I mentioned the drum did foul the kicking strap. It also restricted access to the forward stowage.
    I have seen drums mounted on the side-bench bulkhead, and I think forward of the tabernacle to the underside of the foredeck. I am still working on where to locate a drum on our Woodie – the mast pivot pin is not suitable as there is not enough space.

    The crew is going to be busy stowing the anchor and warp while the helm sails off . So wherever you put the drum/anchor bear this in mind.

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