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    I am trying to get my elderly boat waterworthy and rigged properly. The number on the sail is W918. This relates to 1964 and UKWA have the original measuring certificate for this boat. I can’t find any ID carved on the hull though the same number is painted on the underside of the aft hatch cover in tiny lettering . The boat has been repainted; I think I can see evidence of red paint originally, though it is now navy blue and white. The entire craft seems to have been stored for many years, though for the last two summers, since I acquired it I have done some light sailing in it. What i really need is someone who knows wayfarers to look over the boat with me, to make suggestions (sensible clean ones please!) and advise me as to how to return it to classic condition. the boat is at Ponden near Haworth, (between Bradford and Burnley) ; anyone willing to come and have a look (or even a sail) (when I get new sails) would be welcome.


    Graham Smout W918

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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