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    Hey I was recently given an old Mike Mac racing sail, which I would like to restore. I am sure it has stretched massively, as it has a large loose bag along the foot of the sail. Could anyone advise me on where I need to go to find the information on effectively removing this myself? I am also in the market for an industrial sewing machine, if anyone has one!



    Dave Barker

    Hi Tim,

    Are you sure this isn’t just the way the sail is designed? Racing sails have a lens foot to allow the curvature of the sail to increase when the outhaul is eased. If this is the case you’d do better to spend time installing an effective outhaul in your boom.

    Have you tried a domestic sewing machine? For sail mods/repairs and canvas work a cheap domestic machine should suffice. I’ve made a ventile tent and done many repairs with a ~ £100 machine.


    Is it an elastic bolt rope(The one that fits in the boom) If so, get a friend at one end and you pull hard on the other end and see if ‘bag’ gets a lot smaller.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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