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    Jack Harding

    Also, we’re interested in adding a spinnaker, so any advice about that would be amazing!

    Jack Harding

    Hi there.

    My dad has a MK2. We’re both novices and have just gotten in to racing. We’re looking to add a reefing system to the boat, but aren’t sure where to start with this.

    Firstly, what kind of mainsail should we buy? Could anyone recommend a particular brand?

    Secondly, I don’t think our boom has any kind of reefing line (as mentioned here). So do we need to buy a new boom?

    We were also looking to buy a genoa, so any recommendations would be much appreciated.

    Lastly, I’d just like to ask if there are any other modifications that we should be making to modernise the boat a bit?

    Many thanks!

    Bob Harland

    Hi, it is fairly easy for a sailmaker to add reefing points to an existing mainsail – any local sailmaker should be able to do this.

    For guidance 2 sets of reefing points should be +1m and +2m above the boom – depending where the lower batten is these dimensions may need adjustment.

    For a new sails I can recommend

    For mainsail reefing an existing boom can be easily modified with some diy skills. Fittings can be fixed with self tapping screws (or rivets) – use some anti corrosion paste e.g. Harken tef-gel
    An example below of a reefing setup; the leech reef line runs through the boom, and using hooks for the clew.
    Don’t forget a small jib with a reefed main.

    Reefing boom 1

    There are lots of modifications you could do, for ideas and reefing fittings try;

    And get a copy of the Wayfarer book if you don’t have one already.

    Hope that helps

    Jack Harding

    Thanks very much, Bob! That’s all really helpful information. Our main sail has seen better days so I think we’re going to try and find one with reefing points second hand and, if not, take a look at McNamara. I also picked up a copy of the Wayfarer book as you suggested. Thanks again!

    Pat Jones

    The best modification for racing in any class is for the crew to spend more time on the water trying to improve starts, tacking, spinnaker handling and general boat speed and finding out what makes the boat go well.

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