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    We’re planning some cruising in the Abersoch/Pwllheli area in a couple of weeks time. Can anyone advise on launching points and good sandy beaches to visit? Day sailing, and possibly with small children, so nothing too extreme, but if anyone knows any good one-day cruises in that area would be interested.


    Dave Barker

    Hi Dave,

    As no-one else has replied I’ll offer a few thoughts, but I must stress that I haven’t sailed in this area.

    If I were planning such a visit I would use a combination of resources, including, OS maps, and Google Maps, not to mention the tide tables of course. In my experience elsewhere, things that I look out for are places where I will be able to park both car and trailer for a while without being hassled, so as to be able to rig the boat, and of course somewhere to leave them nearby during the day. If you can leave the boat rigged during your stay, so much the better, and from this point of view sailing clubs can be helpful.

    You would be unlucky not to get some shelter from the peninsula, and there are a handful of sandy beaches (and some stony ones, seemingly) scattered usefully around the coast, so I would be optimistic about the chances of some nice day sails with the prospect of an ice cream more than likely. If you have a second (or third) means of propulsion you will be able to get home reliably, and an anchor is never a bad idea, nor is the ability to reef, should the wind pipe up during the day. Balance the sensible stuff with bucket and spade, fishing line, kite, boules or whatever you enjoy, and have a great time!


    I haven’t been on this site for a long time and hence missed you message. It is now of course too late but this is an area I know very well and should you or anyone else need information about this part of the world in future then please drop me a line on here or to

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