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    Colin Parkstone

    Some of you may have had book tokens from Granny this Christmas and some may need some help with a particular part of racing.

    Can any of you Worms recommend any books that have helped you with your Racing,

    Maybe on Compass work, On course tactics, Wind shifts or any other useful topic to help with your Racing.

    C P 😕


    …the good pub guide..

    loads of ideas for those post race discussions


    Hard to beat “Start to Win” by Eric Twiname for a good overall dinghy racing book. Might be a bit long in the tooth now but I reckon if you mastered everything he says you’d be in the top 5% of pretty much any dinghy fleet, even now!

    And for a fascinating insight into the psychology of it all, “A Winning Mind” by John Whitmore is extremely thought provoking. Can’t say I have much time for his politics these days but as a sports psychologist he’s right on the money.


    One of the best I have is ” Sail like a champion” by Dennis Connor.

    Informative and full of anecdotes, and easy to read.

    Came out in 1992



    How about the new racing rules 2009-2013? Might be relevant 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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