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    Hello all

    There are a couple of areas i am unsure on could somone please explain

    1) On my boat there are two jammers on the topside originally i thought the sliding one was for the kite and the more forward one was for the genoa, could you please just confirm or correct me (pics)

    2) i have included some pics of a fairlead and jammer near the thwart i think this is for the spin sheet but i am not sur how they are rigged could somone include some pics of there spin sheeting and bauber haulers ?

    3) if i am just cruising is the position of the jammers ok ?



    And here is the cleat by the thwart



    The fixed jammer(s) (jib fairleads) at the front of the foredeck is for the jib sheets.

    The sliding fairleads are for the Genoa sheets.
    Many have moved them inboard to the wooden benches as it aids pointing higher as the sail can be moved further inboard.
    Cruisers tend to leave then on the side deck.

    Not sure what the previous owner had in mind for the other fairlead and cleat on the side deck unless it was part of the spinnaker controls.


    Thanks .

    So what is used for the spin sheets then ?


    Control lines and fixings for the spinnaker will vary according to personal preferences.
    This guide may help you with all sails and controls.


    Thanaks for your help i understand a bit more would it be possible for somone to post some pics of there sheeting system?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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