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    How do you and/or your boat fancy being featured in a 50th aniversary youtube video?

    Kate will be putting together a compilation of stills and video showing the Wayfarer over the last 50 years. She needs some old photos and new photos showing all the diferent marques of Wayfarer (Woodies to Hartleys) doing everything the Wayfarer is designed to do. She needs shots of happy people daysailing, cruising, racing, learning, being silly and having a thouroughly good time in the sun, in the rain, inland and on the sea.
    If you want to be part then here’s what to do:

    Find your picture or two, note date (approx), boat number and name, who is in the shot, where it was taken and e-mail me at with the picture and info. If you have a piece of music that you think might be usefull add that as well (title and artist). Left up to Kate it may well be a bit of heavy metal with the emphasis on cruising.


    That is a great idea which I fully support.
    You will be interested to know that the webmaster has recently created a Photo Gallery in the Members section on which I will encourage people to load their best photos. You can then select and download from there hopefully. If not then I’m sure people will respond to your request.



    We have a video taken at the Race Training event at Parkstone this year from which you might be able to extract some clips. I could send a copy (DVD) if you let me know your snail mail address.



    @Roy Burnham wrote:

    the webmaster has recently created a Photo Gallery in the Members section

    Excellent! That’s a lot easier then waiting to download images from e-mails!

    The computer I use to create the videos can’t take super high quality video clips, so anything more than about 4 megapixels and the computer will throw a wobbly; so much appreciated if any video clips sent would be under 4 megapixels.



    Would you like a photo of W2? If you contact Colin Wilson, he’d probably be happy to send you a picture of W1 or even some old ones of W2.


    All pictures are welcome! Especially the golden oldies! 😛

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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