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    Colin Parkstone

    Looks like we have an Inland Champs at Datchet on the 13th and 14th Aug.

    It is on Datchet’s web site diary.

    Call in on the way home from the Dutch Championships Week.

    Now this is a good place to have an open, right in the middle of the sailors in the country and open to camping as well. 🙂

    Big pond which is not easy to sail but thats the fun is it not. 😕

    West Oxford have the season opener in April but its at Easter, could have been better by being away from a holiday as they have done before I think? Camping on again so thats a welcome return for a weekend event. 🙂

    Don’t forget Poole Week, 21st to 26th August. It was won buy a visitor last year so it’s not just for local’s.



    Yes, I am pleased to confirm that we have an Inland National Championships at Datchet in August. Mike McKechnie and I are looking at one extra open meeting to finalise the National Circuit Series for 2011. So the national circuit looks like this at the moment:

    7-8 May, Eastern Area Champs and National Circuit Event 1, Royal Harwich YC
    17-19 June, Southern Area Champs and National Circuit Event 2, Shoreham SC (includes race training day led by Ian Porter on Friday )
    TBC National Circuit Event 3
    7-10 July, Irish and UKWA National Championships, Dun Laoghaire
    12-14 August, Inland National Champs and National Circuit Event 4, Datchet SC (includes race training day led by Michael MacNamara on Friday)
    24-25 September, Splashaway Trophy and National Circuit Event 5, Upper Thames SC
    12-13 November, Finale and National Circuit Event 6, Bough Beech SC

    Boats will count their best four results out of six for the National Circuit Series Trophy awarded by Hartley Boats, with the Travellers Trophy awarded to the boat with the best results counting all six meetings.


    Why not warm up for the Inlands by completing in the traditional ‘Winter Warm-up Series’ at Datchet SC which takes place on the four Sundays in February? Tony Cooper, Scott Hamilton and I intend to compete in this event, and it would be a great to see some more Wayfarers there.

    See: http://www.dwsc.co.uk/winter_warmup.html


    We have today confirmed an additional National Circuit Event meeting at Medway Yacht Club on the 10/11 September. Should be a good event. Mike McKechnie and I are still in discussion with a South Coast club about another event in July which would give us seven National Circuit Series events.

    It doesn’t look like we are going to be able to organise a Western Area Championship in 2011.


    Colin Parkstone

    Sorry we are not able to do an open this year people but you can still come to Poole Week Regatta along with the regular visitors who will tell you what a great week it is. If I say, Tea, cakes, drinks, food and fun it will give you a taster of whats on offer.

    Maybe Steve you could pick the most westward open of the year and call it the Westerns, always sad for a trophy not to be awarded.
    C P 🙂

    Colin Parkstone

    More info for you all, Laura from West Oxford tells me that the Wayfarer Open at the club is on the 9th and 10th,April.
    A popular opener to the year with lots of short, close racing on a little pond!
    This has always been a good weekend and the camping I have been told has made a welcome return.
    I am not sure they want me to run the bar again but lets hope that very nice curry from a couple of years ago returns, if you were not there, ask Liz F ???? 😳



    Scott Hamilton, Tony Cooper and I have been sharpening up our skills at Datchet SC in the Winter Warm-up Series. Scott has the series sown up with two races to go, mainly by using the simple, but devastatingly effective tactic of turning up at the start line on time. However, he won the second race today fair and square (no excuses from Tony or me).

    How’s the Parkstone Yacht Club winter walking club going?

    I hope that you have noticed that your racing secretaries have been working on the fixture list and that we now have a cracking set of fixtures on the event guide on the main web-site.

    So who’s going to the first open meeting of the 2011 season at West Oxfordshire on the 9th and 10th April?

    Best wishes


    Just a note on the absence of ‘The Westerns ‘ from the racing calender . Some years ago Shoreham held the event so setting the precedent that any venue west of the meridian is acceptable . Shame not to race for the lovely Rothman Bowl not least because it is the only trophy Lesley and i ever won !

    Colin Parkstone

    I would go along with what you have said Alan, would be good for all the cups in the class to be sailed for each year.

    How about it goes to one of the other opens on the list.

    As for West Oxford, I do intend to go myself as it is a good opener for the year as long as you all keep away from my nice new boat, let me be the first to scrape it please.



    @bigal wrote:

    Some years ago Shoreham held the event so setting the precedent that any venue west of the meridian is acceptable .

    OK so Shoreham creeps into the western hemisphere by 16 minutes, but it is firmly in South East England administratively and geographically as far as I am concerned (50°49’58.62″N and 0°16’05.34″W).

    On the other hand, Poole is nearly 2 degrees west (50°43’00.12″N and 1°58’59.88″W).

    I can’t see anything in our rules to prevent us awarding the Western Championship to the winner of Poole Week. It doesn’t have to be a National Circuit Series event.

    Please note that the views expressed in this email are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the UKWA Executive Committee!



    The actual background to the Shoreham Westerns was that , for some reason I can’t recall ( its an age thing 1 ) , the event at the original venue couldn’t be completed or even started and Shoreham volunteered to hold it later .

    All in favour of Poole Week holding the westerns – a good idea .

    Colin Parkstone

    Hold your horses boys, as we said before we are not running an Open Weekend this year.

    The powers that be have done much in the last few years and we are having some time out for the class at a local level.

    Also, an Area Championship is for a weekend, and Poole Week starts on the sunday with a club race on the saturday which is not easy to change in the Poole Week diary.

    It would not be fair to ask people to do a weeks sailing for it either, in fact with an Irish trip this year I think the turnout for our Week is going to have a new look to it from people who cannot do the trip to Ireland.

    Nice idea and kind of you to think of us but just hold on a bit!!

    Has no other club offered to run an Open that would work, Warsash any offers ??? Lymington???

    I’d favour another Open Weekend.


    Dun Laoghaire is a fair bit west of the Meridian, though I know it’s not in the UK.


    @Colin Parkstone wrote:

    Also, an Area Championship is for a weekend, and Poole Week starts on the sunday with a club race on the saturday which is not easy to change in the Poole Week diary.

    Where does it say in our rules that an area champs has to be run over a weekend? Why not run it over a week? I am not suggesting that Parkstone YC change the format of Poole Week in any way.

    A conventional weekend champs is 5 races with one discard. Poole week is six races with two discards (I think). What’s the big difference?

    Please note that I am ‘demob happy’ as I have less than one month left as Assistant Racing Secretary (don’t worry, the guy taking over, Johnny Johnstone, is a very sensible chap).

    Steve 😈


    Like Colin I would prefer an additional week-end for the Westerns but if that is not possible then Poole Week would need no changes to courses or the weeks arrangements . The only difference would be at the prize-giving where the Western prizes would be given instead of the Poole Week prizes . Poole Week is splendid but if having the Westerns there would attract a few more guests to add to the small but elite regulars I would be all for it . There would be no need to change the status of the club/pennant race on Saturday .

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