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    This inspirational new calendar features amazing photography from the Weymouth Internationals. Just to look at it makes you want to go sailing.
    A copy will come to everyone who gets Wayfarer News. But how about your crews? Would they like one? Show how much you appreciate them by ordering extras at just £6 each including p&p.for a Christmas present. Contact Sarah our secretary – but hurry – we’ll be printing them next week. Ray newly elected Vice Class Captain Parkstone YC

    Colin Parkstone

    Following on from what Ray has said about the pictures in the nice,new 2011 Calendar.

    The man who took them at Weymouth is Richard Langdon of Ocean Images, take a look at his website on http://www.oceanimages.co.uk. They are very good !!

    This company sent copies of me at Weymouth to choose from and i will ordering them soon, he will do the same for you.

    ( They did not make me look as if i was winning, But!!! )

    Just email, ( marie@oceanimages.co.uk ) your boat number and bow number if you remember it ( it may still be on the front of your boat !!) and she will send you samples for you to choose from, Enjoy !



    I was looking forward to receiving my calendar.What a disapointment to last year,all racing events and not of intrest unless you are involved.
    In contrest the front cover of Wayfarer News is what will hang on the wall next to my computer.
    Hope for better photos next year. Jim.Byers.

    Colin Parkstone

    Best of both Worlds then Jim ??? You had good sailing pictures last year and we had them this!!

    The best thing in numbers to happen to the class for a long time, I was glad I did not miss it and to have a selfless sponsor for the best pictures of the event for us to choose from was the iceing !!!

    As for the picture of the sole Wayfarer in the mag, it only goes to show the class in one of its many rolls and long my it rain !!

    Happy Christmas to you all !!!

    HO! HO!

    C P 😀


    Hi Jim

    Tend to agree with you on this one. Was a wee bit disapointed.




    I’d like to say thanks to those who put the effort into making the calendar the smart production that it is but, likewise, I was disappointed that all the images were of one racing event which, as a non-racer, I didn’t attend and wasn’t interested in – don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely delighted that the class had a highly successful racing event this year.

    Colin – I seem to recall that the previous calendar was a nice balance of racing and cruising pictures? I felt that this really did the class full justice and I had very much been hoping for something along the same lines. So much so that I ordered a second one as a present for my father, who as a keen cruiser and non-racer like myself will probably not be interested in any of the pictures, but he’s far too polite to say anything. I feel it might have been helpful to have promoted the calendar as a special souvenir edition of the 2010 Worlds so it was clear it was a different slant to the previous one.

    As for the cover of the new Wayfarer News, fully agree its an absolute cracker, one of the best I’ve seen.



    Personally, I too found the calendar very dull and not at all imaginative. Let’s not give the impression that it’s all about racing please? A wasted opportunity to promote a wonderful craft.


    Please note that the previous calender was a WIC release with pictures from all over the world. The current calender is a UKWA release. Given the amount of pictures taken in Denmark and Canada there is much more to choose from, obviously the old calender was nicer.

    I would like to offer the team of volunteers my thumbs up and please do it again next year.

    Sea Lancer

    I understand that everyone has an opinion with regards this calendar and I would like to let you know mine. The National Championships this year brought together racers, cruisers and those who sail purely for pleasure. I believe it was one of the most important things to happen to the Wayfarer fleet for many years. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of fellow Wayfarer sailors be they racers or not and got the impression that most felt the same. Some were there to compete, some were happy to just sail around in this great fleet but I’m sure all enjoyed the experience. This “free” calendar is a great momento of the event. The generosity of its production was a continuation of the spirit of the event. The quality of pictures and photography is outstanding and I wonder how many other fleets have such a quality calendar this year? How much would you need to pay for a calendar of a similar standard? I would like to thank all involved with its production for an excellent product. There is more than just the pictures to this calendar.



    Hmm.. Just like to point out that it does not follow that a request for diversity is a critisim of the committee or the race, both of which I believe are good for the class.



    Dave Bevan

    Mine came today. Stunning photo’s, striking colour and vivid action – love it ❗


    I think the Calendar is a wonderful display of colour and vitality and I know the committee took a tough but conscious decision to major on the Weymouth event for this season and it has been very successful. Although it is a shame that there was not room for any cruising photos (even though they were submitted) they cannot do it all. We cruisers shall just have to go out in 2011 and get pictures to match for next year so we can fill the calendar……..

    In the meantime here is another one of Cuillin Peri from Coll (with kind permission of my crew – Kate).

    [attachment=0:2utm21yb]Traigh Tuath on the north end of Coll (Kate Mellor begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting).JPG[/attachment:2utm21yb]

    To get a similar view start planning for a great cruise now.

    Happy New Year

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