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    Well done to all concerned with putting together the Poole Week Wayfarer Championships. It has been a great week with some close competition and lots of fun.
    Especially good to meet up with old foes and friends once again and some new ones too!,,,and with 42 boats at the champs, a very healthy sign for the future of the class.
    Alan Chaplin has to be mentioned for a side splitting after dinner speech at the 50th Anniversary Dinner.
    Racing was interesting, particularly for newcomers to Parkstone. As Mike McKechnie said at the prize giving, being ‘Condored’ or having a ‘Condor moment’ will live long in the memories of participants….some more than others!
    It was good to see prizes being shared out more than usual, sign of how close the racing was.
    Richard Hartley gave a sincere and I felt, very positive, closing thank you which was well received.

    The Hartley boat caused a great deal of interest, this too was very positive, and it is time now to plan for a really good year in 2009.

    Mike has put together a draft plan for events which he will no doubt share soon. In the meantime I will be putting a suggestion together (because I am a member of Restronguet Sailing Club) for a National Championship at Falmouth Dinghy Week next year, the second week in August. It would be good to get some feedback from Association members, now or when I have put core elements of the package together.
    Competitors at Poole were very supportive of Falmouth as a venue and I know we will get a very warm welcome.

    More detail to follow when I get home.

    Thanks once again
    Yours aye
    Liam and Sue
    Sink the Pink
    (Just for a few days more!)

    Colin Parkstone

    I too would like to add my thanks to Parkstone Y.C for a good championships, myself and Sarah enjoyed the racing and meeting up with our friends and Martin 😀 again on and off the water.
    My personal thanks too my mate Glynne Marples, I know how much work he did to make this week a success and I thank him loads.

    Falmouth has been in the past a good venue for the Wayfarers, if your name is Pert that is!! and will be a great place again I hope,please do support this if it happens.

    In fact, lets carry on supporting the class for as long as we can,my view is that the class will now go through a time of change,it has to happen to any class that carries the weight of age with it so as to be able to go on for another 50years.

    Good sailing to you all,

    CP 😀


    Falmouth certainly has my vote , not only because I am treated like a Lord at the Norway !!

    I’ve entered for the Europeans – any one else ??

    Two negative Condor moments at Poole but enjoyed it and will be back next year ( but no speeches – getting out while I’m ahead !! )


    Great Nationals. Nice mix of winds and some good courses (at least after Colin had intervened on occasion – well done) in delightful surroundings. Navigation was nothing like as hard as some had suggested beforehand.

    Loved the trips to Nat West and Gold buoys, and as for Condor – well, that’s all part of the challenge (upon calm reflection!). Absolutely better in any case than slogging round endless sausages and triangles on a featureless sea.

    Falmouth sounds excellent for next year.


    A big thank you from Robin and I too. Particularly to Glynne, who made us so welcome. I must say that we did not find the navigation to barely visible buoys very easy; but the courses were good and the tide and Condor added to the tactics.

    I have never sailed st Falmouth, but it does have a certain holiday appeal and I doubt that we would run aground going up the beats.

    The new boat looks great and certainly seems to sail well too; but I will be sticking with my woody for the time being as the boat speed does not seem to be too different. I just need to improve my performance.


    One unsung heroin is Pauleen Westfield who made some of the apres-sail cakes – well done Pauleen – much appreciated with the tea! Ray


    A big thank you to team Wayfarer at Parkstone, with extra thanks to Glynne for all the organization. Thanks too to the office team, race officers and the safety boat crews.
    We had a really good week and hope to be back for more condor-dodging next year.



    This is just to say thankyou to all those companies who generously donated items for the charity auction during the Gala Dinner. A great time was had by all especially Colin the auctioneer! Thanks Colin.
    So a big thankyou and lots of support for:
    Our overall sponsors :
    Navigators & General our Class Insurers
    HartleyLaminates – our builder and copyright holder

    and to auction donors:
    Sailing Holidays Ltd
    Pinnell & Bax
    Yachts & Yachting
    Dinghy Magazine
    Kwik2Me covers (who delivered to Nick Hodshon during the week!)
    Stylish Stitches – still taking orders for branded clothing
    Optimum Time – for the excellent watches
    Selden Masts
    Flexible Reefing – genoa system still available
    Seacraft pottery
    Banks sails
    Our South African friends for the nice cases of wine

    If anyone has not yet paid, please contact Jill Scragg.


    @Colin Parkstone wrote:

    myself and Sarah enjoyed the racing and meeting up with our friends and Martin 😀 again on and off the water.

    Well Colin what can I say – I never knew you cared so much that I’d get a personal note of appreciation! Please don’t feel you have to do this all of the time 😆


    This is the Condor……!!

    Colin Parkstone

    Re the Charity Auction at the 50th Dinner,

    Did anyone take any digital pictures of the goodlooking auctioneer that night ??

    His agent needs more pictures for his portfolio to take to his next X Factor audition ???

    If you have any,please PM them to me below.

    Many Thanks CP 😳

    Ok !! Im ready for the remarks about vanity!! Bring them On!!

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