Hi Peter,
Thanks for the post,
I’m just in the process of fitting out Boombird W978. I’ve been working on the project since the summer of 2001 (not continiously!)

I’ve got a pair of aerofoil spreaders from a small yacht which has an opening wide enough for the mast to fit into. It looks like they will also be the correct dimensions tip to tip and can be fixed when adjusted.

The tubular spreaders look to wibbly wobbly for my liking and it sounds like your experience at sea backs this up.

How have you secured the foot of the mast?

I was thinking of a hard block for the foot to sit against (block positioned to allow correct mast rake). Then some shims either side to stop the mast moving from side to side. I’d be interested to hear what you’ve done?

Also I’d like enough genoa halyard tension so I can use a furling system, have you achieved this? If so how?

Great to hear from another season wayfarer restorer!