We were stormbound in Lymington this week – the Lymington Town SC Regatta was cancelled with winds of 35-40 knots in the Solent. Even the youngsters in the Laser 4000 fleet didn’t go out (I haven’t seen such a young fleet since the Enterprises in the 1970s when I was one of them!).

Anyway, our enforced time on the land gave us time to go the Nick Cox Chandlery and we bought:
– brand new Suzuki water cooled engine (we were persuaded that it is not too much trouble to wash the engine out in fresh water after sailing)
– anchor, 2 metre chain, and 20 metres of rope.

We also had David Maynard’s cruising sails (collected from his brother’s house in High Wycombe, having been transported there from Wakefield) so thought we would practice setting them up on shore. We made the classic ‘pigs ear’ of this, until one of the old salts at Lymington showed us how to do this properly.

We already have:
– TacTic racing compass which we can set to normal compass mode
– Jib furling grear (unknown make) which seems to work OK.

So we are all set for cruising at Poole in a couple of weeks. We have five star accommodation booked with my sister, so will not need to follow Charles’ advice about taping up the transom flaps!

Once again, thanks for all your advice.