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Hi Colin; I have no idea of the make or model of trailer. Its a combi trailer. It is not too old, galvanised, very robust, tows well and has a german tow ball fitting. Its a heavy item. That’s all I can tell you.

For the last year I have been renovating the boat. When moving it in a workshop I grabbed one the very stubby launch trailer grab handles, attached to the v shaped bow restraint, and the whole thing snapped off the launching trolley! Having “lost” the snapped off bit in the workshop, I now need to make a replacement . This gave me the chance to consider altering the set up to that I have seen some wayfarer owners using, featuring a decent pneumatic swivelling jockey wheel with a reasonably sized grab handle. Presumably this arrangement can be removed and stowed away when trailering behind the car.

Currently there is a small 6″ diameter swivelling jockey wheel about 3 feet from the nose of the launching trailer. The trouble with it is it is too small, it fouls itself on the main trolley frame and is too low to be of any use on the road trailer.
I have access to a mate with cutting and welding gear and we have looked over the trailer with a view to fitting something but we cant decide what to fit or how!