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I have bitten the bullet and gone for an (almost) total renovation. The previously painted decking on w918 proved to be badly stained where someone had used mild steel pins in a partial redecking project. Also the side decks were in 3 sections, whereas they should be in two. The interior, seats, thwart and all other wooden parts were also coated in thick white paint. Its all coming off. Finding proper marine ply locally in Yorkshire proved a time wasting exercise, so have now ordered two sheets of Elite marine ply from Robins timber, Bristol. Meanwhile I, and my assistant, a skilled joiner who has worked on other boats, have been stripping paint and sanding all the remaining interior surfaces, removing old screws and begun re gluing failed joints. I’m fortunate to have been able to rent space in a huge workshop with easy access to as many power tools, including industrial scale planers, saws etc which makes some jobs such as sanding the thwarte a 5 minute job. All for £7.50 a week!

I’ll post a few pictures of the process as we go along and keep updating this post with any future findings and points of interest.

Thanks to those who have contacted me with help and advice; it has all been immensely useful.


W918 with decks off. (the fork lift has yet to be of any use!)

Shots of the prolonged stripping process

No sign of any rot, but the odd failed joint and split piece will require the full epoxy treatment