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High as a kite after a personally epic solo overnight to Bembridge. Well over three hours each way from Chichester harbour………sore backside……….outboarded up to the visitors pontoon up the very narrow, shallow but beautiful, welcoming channel at low tide (thought I was going to ground the outboard but did not)(From my studies I thought there was a bar that dried out). Choppy seas, reefed mainsail and genoa furled 50% of the time in a south easterly solid force four. Took two outbords for peace of mind and very wary of the big (huge) ferries and ships in the shipping lane that travel so fast (bad night’s sleep beforehand bearing in mind the Ouzo tragedy). Trip even more satisfying as I had got drenched in heavy rain as I was leaving, could not see Hayling Island from East head (let alone the I.O.W). and had resigned mysely to sleeping inside Chichester harbour at best).
Anyhow Bembridge is an excellent destination…..toilets and showers accessible from pontoon and as a 15ft 10inch “yacht” it cost me a soggy ?10 (oh! and a new mobile for Xmas please)