Chris 5580

I have recently completed the renovation of W5580 and I had to buy a set of sails. I spent some time looking on Ebay before realising most of the sails that came up had seen better days and, in any event, came up rarely in the first place. I got a decent Hyde genoa for £50 but after some months then bought a new Edge main. Fine for the pottering I do at Oxford.
I did see your Insails set up for sale, and only know Insails from Ebay.
On a wider point, I have noticed that many sellers on Ebay – not just Wayfarers and not just boats, have decided what the lowest price is that they will accept, and put in a Starting Bid at that figure. Ebayers are after a bargain and won’t bid on a high starting bid. It is best to start the bidding low, but put in a reserve, so you can see what the market will bear but you don’t have to sell if your acceptable price is not reached.

ps – anyone got a wooden tiller? 🙄