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The second open meeting in the National Circuit Series takes place at Royal Harwich YC next weekend. The open meeting is advertised on the club website, but I don’t have a NoR at the moment – I have asked the Class Captain to send me one, and will post on the website when I receive it.

I am unable to attend next week – main reason is that the Ambulance Service has changed son Peter’s shifts so that he has to work more weekends so not available to crew for me. Also I have had to step back into the role of Sailing Secretary at Minima YC which means that I have to spend more time there training beginners. And I have to commit to some weekends to take Kathy cruising in our floating caravan called ‘Lazy Fox’ (so called because it doesn’t go racing).

Anyway, those are my excuses for not being able to commit to attend UKWA open meetings this year. I think that it is important that the Racing Sec does attend meetings, so I have decided to step down at the AGM. So we need to start looking for a new Racing Sec for 2014. I am also looking for a volunteer to attend open meetings this year to represent the class and collect the £3 levy per boat payable to the class association.

Any nominations, or even better, a volunteer?