Bob Harland

matoi raises the point about rowlock position, I never understood why Porters insisted on putting them in the sidedeck on the World. On our own (Porters) boat we used a custom stainless fitting through the rollover gunwhale – from a rowing point this is the perfect location and it is much stronger than the sidedeck.

We can easily stow our 9′ (2.7m) oars on the floor either side of the centreboard case – but we don’t bother with the aft stowage box, with so much stowage forward why do you need it for day-sailing?

And I also agree with matoi on the floor of the bow compartment – that’s why we had some extra foam sandwich in ours.

Mooring cleats – fit one on the side of mast tabernacle – big enough to take your anchor warp, this is about the strongest part of the boat and you can easily bolt through it. Aft lines can be secured to the wood trim across the rudder cutout.

When it comes to fitting out details on a boat I would recommend you do these yourself. If you want a builder to do it then you have to go to great lengths to discuss what you want and then carefully specifiy it exactly.