I’m a bit confused here. Why don’t people want to use the jibsheets? to my mind they are the perfect ‘righting line’.

If the boat inverts, a crew member should be put on the gunwhale using the jib sheet brought forward of the centreboard to apply some oomph. Another member of the crew should sit on the rear quarter on the same side. This helps break the suction between the hull and water that prevents the boat righting. Any other crew members can go to the bow to keep the boat head to wind. Once the boat comes back to on its side, all the crew except the one now applying weight on the centreboard should go to the bow. Now as the boat comes upright it will be head to wind and the jib/genoa will be backed. This should help prevent momentum causing the boat to continue over and will also put it in hove to.

Surely using any righting line that is connected to the shroud will cause force to be applied in a way that the shroud and its supporting area was not intended for.

Hope I’ve fuelled the debate some more.