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Almost a year ago I began renovation W918.
After removing and replacing the decking with new ply, fixing failed joints, removing tons of white paint from the interior surfaces, sanding and smoothing, remaking hatch covers, remaking the rubbing strips, applying an epoxy finish, I am almost at the stage where I can refix the hardware to the boat.

It has taken me many, many hours and much effort to get this far and I can safely say if I had known how much time & effort I would probably not have bothered!
Hopefully in a few more weeks the W918 will be ready to sail again.

I had hoped to find true evidence of the identity of the boat in the form of the plate showing the number, but nothing emerged anywhere from under the many layers of gloss. However, most of the decking and other parts I had removed and replaced in restoration had discrete hand painted little W918 marks on them, so I am sure that is the genuine identity of the boat.
I’ll post a full gallery of restoration work as soon as the boat is finished, for those who are interested.