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Colin Parkstone

Wooden Wayfarers like yours John have a good roll to play in the class and should be more appreciated.
The more discerning sailor will see that they have character and charm and can in lots of ways be easier to look after by a diy owner than grp.

Bob Harland has got one, and he know’s what he is doing!!!

His article on what he did to the boat when he got it makes good reading and shows that for a cruising owner it is a very good option.

They are well made boats as you know John, so have many more years ahead of them, better made than the very early boats in the class as the ply is lighter but better made. The use of Epoxy is a great improvement for the wood and gives extra shelf life to the boat as a whole.

You can change fittings and items on the boat with more confidence and a good varnish coat gives you pride in the job.

Your need time for a wooden boat but it will reward you with a goodlooking boat which you will be proud of.

So yes they have a place and market, it maybe a smaller one these days but if people can see what they would getting in return and that these boats will never be built like this again, they will see that, in most cases it would be a good move to make in buying one.