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Andrew Morrice

Some wierd social instinct has made me post on this: I don’t even race! – but I almost certainly will start this year

floorboards – interesting sensible idea. Carbon-fibre floors anyone?
bouyancy – good common sense. Helms job to ensure boat only has holes in the desired locations. (“If not duffers will not drown …”)
spinny numbers – pain in the behind really as everyone seems numberless at present. sigh. more expense

more expense! is it really necessary?
Obviously GPS is absolutely brilliant as a back-up when “real navigation” becomes too risky or just impossible. Is this a concern when actually racing?

This may be relevant: I have an excellent sense of direction (on land) and can remember a route I’ve taken many years later once I’m back on it. This weekend I was playing with my missus’ new sat-nav and used to it find a shortcut between the chandlers and timber merchants in Bristol. Great short cut. But B*****’d if I can remember it now. I got there, but I learnt nothing, saw nothing and focussed only on the sat-nav. Sometimes technology simply deskills and makes us dependent on it.

Surely the whole point of sailing is its the boat, the wind, the water, and your wits. If winning becomes so important that you are prepared to miss the actual experience of the race with your nose on a screen, then I’d say you are welcome to your ?slightly hollow? victory. but then I am a ‘taking part’ rather than ‘winning’ kind of person.

If there is one boat, and fleet which can keep this ethos of sailing alive its this one, surely? Our boat is fabulous, but will never attract hip young skiffers.

Campaign for Real Sail. (pot bellies not obligatory).