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Interesting discussion.
I am more a fan of the laid courses that seek to minimise local advantage for major events.
If I am travelling to an open meeting then I do a lot of homework to understand tides and likely wind patterns in the sailing area. For somewhere like Poole Harbour that is far from easy. At Medway the Long Reach course area was predictable to a visitor; the Pinner Reach course area with a continually changing depth of water over the mud banks at the side and more localised wind effects with stronger tide was much more difficult to read.

I do not want to do any more homework than the minimum for a 2 day weekend so am unlikely to travel to events where the racing is round the cans as I would have to research the courses and mark locations in addition to tide and wind + the location will probably be much more complex as the start line will be in an area that may or may not work for a larger fleet. I would also predict more General Recalls with a top level competitive fleet as there is likely to only be 1 favoured place on the start line. This caused 3 or 4 general recalls at Medway for the last start of the first day because the tide had turned and the only place to start was at the committee boat and get onto Port as soon as possible after starting for more favourable tide. This made that position too crowded to get the fleet away.

For big competitive fleets you really need a committee boat start in as fair a water as possible to get the fleet away cleanly. This usually means the need for laid marks on course configuration to suit – seems to be Triangle/Sausage is favoured by Wayfarers.

Poole Week(end) is a great opportunity for sailing round the cans courses with navigation challenges etc. This attracts many top Wayfarer sailors but is not as intense as the Nationals and some Open meetings.

If you want variation at the Nationals then lobby the Racing Secretary to ask for changes as they have serious input to the courses for our main event.

If you want laid mark racing come along to the Nationals at Parkstone; If you want Round the Cans racing come along to the Poole Week(end) in August. better still do both.