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I got a nice Christmas present, a book titled “Round the Frisian sea” by a Dutch writer and journalist Hans van der Smissen, who sailed thirty odd years on the North sea and the channel, but mainly on the “Frisian sea” with his Drascombe. The book has a number of amusing short stories with a common message; the closer to the water the better the sailing is. Or as Hans puts it; “the enjoyment seems to be inversely proportional to the size of the boat” .

Would a Drascombe fit the bill Turtill? It is almost a dinghy right? It’s about 20 foot, has a centre board and a tiny cabin up front, just big enough for two to sleep in and is remarkably seaworthy.

Here is another (Dutch) site with pictures of nice small boats (use Google translate if you must). The Dorestad raid is sort of a rally where boat builders and designers meet and raced simple boats. This encourages new ideas but it is also great fun. During the raid it is allowed to sail, row, scull, punt, tow, or anything else as long as it is human powered. No engines are allowed. The participants have, over the years, designed and build boats special for the event.

Another boat you may like is the Light, a boat designed from the lines of a Wayfarer (taken from my boat to be exact), enlarged to 20 feet, a small cabin was added but it is still a centreboard boat.