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Colin Parkstone

I spoke to Mike the other day on the same subject, it is on his to ask list to hopefully sort for us !

As for your roots Liam, do we not have to have hair???

Highlights for me in the week was the BBQs on the campsite for one, Great Evenings Gang!!

Another ! Tony Coopers face on the last day with the bigest smile of his life I would say ?????
He can be so Grumpy Looking some times!!

Another, A Wayfarer owner winning the Champs !!

Another, The resurgence of the class. It was a rocky road and we will drop some people off the cart along the way but we now have a future for the class which i had douts about some years ago!!
Well done to all who got us to this positon and to the douters, your boat owes you little and you will still enjoy it as it is but twenty year old boats would not have continued the class much longer.
Maybe you can look back on many happy years in the class and maybe wish the class well for a continuing future.

C P 😀