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RayS wrote:
.. and I’ve finally had a chance to produce reports for the websites including Y&Y.

I would like to add one further point to Rays write up and correct the ommission in that the name of the winner of the last race was not mentioned. While its good to sail with greats like Mike MacNamara, Stuart Rix etc (and previously Ian Porter) it has always given me encouragement when a mere mortal wins a race at a big event. I remember the pleasure it gave us at one past event we attended when Alan Chaplin won a race. Significantly the last race at the 2010 Internationals was won by the “unmentioned” Tony Cooper. Sometimes with such outstanding sailors in the Wayfarer fleet we can easily forget the regulars (mere mortals – like you and me) that sail weekly at their club and support a number of the big events so I find it a special pleasure when one of these wins a big race as it gives so many other “mere mortals” encouragement as it means that maybe – one day – it could be you or one of your regular club competitors winning a significant big race.

The one unbreakable rule is that you have to enter to win. Some have suggested that recent years poor attendance at big events was partly due to the fact that the same people always won – well the last race at Weymouth proved that if you are a good regular club sailor then you can also win! Surely its encouragement to us all and with the MkIV we can all have a boat capable of winning. Weymouth also demonstrated that a good helm and crew combination can do well in any carefully prepared Mk of Wayfarer as Martin Collen in W88 proved.

Well done to those that achieved good results at the 2010 Internationals but a big well done to those that achieved better than they expected results especially if it was a 1st!!

PS if this post embarrasses Tony Cooper then learn your lesson and keep behind us next time!! 🙂