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Bob Harland

We found steering a course was quite difficult. A good compass light essential.
If you sail purely on visual feedback from the sails and boat then night sailing is going to be difficult. If you can learn to feel from the other senses how the boat is going – pointing too high/low then it is easier.
Not being able to see the waves is perhaps a bonus – you don’t tend to be scared by something you cannot see.

Reefing and sail changes are a lot more difficult – so a conservative rig set before dusk.

Best not to fall overboard – lifelines pretty essential.

A visible and reliable masthead light – we failed miserably last time on that one.

If you are using batteries for lights etc then make sure that they will last through the night.

Night sailing is an interesting experience, but I prefer to be in a cosy anchorage before nightfall.

hope that helps