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@John1642 wrote:

When it’s light and shifty (the predominant conditions here) the National 12s, Enterprises, Lasers and OKs clean up, due to their light and easily driven hulls.

Although I am Asst Racing Secretary of the UKWA I have to confess that I still keep my Enterprise ‘The Old Grey Fox’ for racing on the river at Kingston-upon-Thames. The Enterprise was designed on the River Thames at Putney by Jack Holt and it is a perfect river boat. Yet, friends of mine who sail Enterprises on big lakes and on the sea report that the Ent has no chance on handicap against more modern classes.

The answer to the problem is to analyse a full series of club results on computer using a programme such as http://www.sailwave.com and play around with the PY Number until you get the results that you want.

This is exactly what I have done in my role as sailing secretary at Minima Yacht Club. We have three main classes, Merlin, Solos and Enterprises and we want to ensure that the club trophies are shared fairly equally between the best sailors in all three classes over a full years sailing.

As a result of this analysis we have kept the Ent PY number at 1116, but our Merlins sail off 1060 (as opposed to 1019).

This is perfectly legal. All you have to do is to put the PY numbers you have decided on for club sailing into your SIs (it helps if you have an autocratic sailing secretary like Minima YC has).

Has anyone conducted an exercise like this on Wayfarer PY numbers?