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Hi guys
My opinion may not be that acurate for this topic as i dont race Wayfarers i actually race a laser in a handicap fleet that is labled as : Fast handycap at my club , this class is any sailing dinghy with a PY of 1180 or below , this fleet regually races with 2 rs 400 , 1 solo , a couple of radiels , somtimes a full rig , and 3 or 4 4.7’s. Now a usual race involes the 400’s speeding off and then it is a good race between the rest of the fleet , appart from for the 4.7’s because of there handycap i cant see a way (appart from the best sailor in britain) they can beat the 400’s lets face it , it will probably never happen and i think this is quite a similar for the wayfarer class and the only way round this i have come up with is that fleets need to have closer boundrys on PY but then you have the problem that most clubs (i think) dont have enough boats for this -there are only 3 400’s alltogether at our club – so maybee clubs changing the handycap is the best way ? i would like to hear from anyone elce who races with this problem not neccaceraly just wayfarers but to conclude this is why i have been put off handycap racing .