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Horses for Courses?
Sadly we have just sold our last Wayfarer after 40 years of social & professional involvement with the class. They were very happy years using the Wayfarer both for personal pleasure & developing educational techniques.

We ran an LEA centre from 1970 which then had 10 wooden wayfarers with fore & aft buoyancy in the fleet. These wooden boats were perfect for everything except perhaps winter maintenance, a pleasure to sail inland or safe at sea with absolutely no vices for training. ( except of course the time taken to empty after capsize)

Later GRP boats were added, most certainly not maintenance free & more difficult to repair, but as direct copies were an acceptable compromise. ( still time wasted emptying)

Experimented with a fleet of the first SD’s – designed for the purpose of leaving safely on moorings! In training, the redistribution of buoyancy was a challenge to all but, changes to technique avoided the need for mast head buoyancy. Because students have to push boundaries to progress & learn capsizes happened, so we had tubes put in through the aft tank. This meant, instead of wasting time bailing, a quick circle to right & very short tow emptied the boat & students were able to continue practising without fear of losing training time. ( So virtually no time to empty after capsize)

The World was fantastic to race, small errors meant water went out quickly over the side, as no inside deck & out through the repositioned bailers; major errors however needed a very quick dive for the centreboard, certainly not the easiest Wayfarer to right if we were too slow!

All this just says that up to this last change of shape! – all models have been the same but handled slightly differently. Surely there has been enough info regarding these characteristics to enable a choice to be made . To cruise on tidal waters our choice would definitely be the wooden boat, to race could equally be either depending only personal skill & agility!

Masthead buoyancy has always been an anathema to us & is certainly not necessary if you choose the right model for you, your environment & your skill level.
What does it say about our beloved Wayfarer?
PS Never seen any comment referring to tidal affect when righting a capsized Wayfarer?