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Question about topping lift in another thread reminded me of this one. So I thought it might be of some use to share the experience of my recent trial with Pin?ika (WWorld).

My brother and I went out and inverted her twice, on purpose, for sake of practice and experimenting. The boat was without rear storage box, but with anchoring tackle and a pair of heavy oars under the thwart, and bagged spinnaker and some other small and light items under foredeck. Righting line was prepared as well as some fenders. On this occasion we had plenty of time, so we did things slowly, trying to study the situation and possibilities.

First I wanted to see if one person alone could get the boat up from inversion. I tried first, then my brother. Each of us weighs about 75 kg but he is a bit tougher. Unfortunately, we concluded that neither of us alone can right this boat from inverted position. We couldn’t even make her start coming up from 180 towards 90 degrees.

Then, I wanted to see if hoisting (actually submerging) some fenders via spinnaker halyard would be of any help. Three fenders were prepared for this, with combined volume of about 11 Liters. They were pulled all the way to the spinnaker halyard sheave on the mast. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to make even a slightest difference on righting. I think this also proves that those mainsail-head-flotation-mats are of no use.

Righting the boat with two of us working together by standard procedure got her back of course, though it wasn’t easy. Holding onto the righting line for the time required by these trials was manageable for me in the warm afternoon and calm sea, after a nice lunch and an easy holiday morning. But had it been a cold day in some remote place with big seas after many hours of sailing, boat packed for camping – I’m not sure if I’d have enough adrenalin reserves to endure.

Therefore it seems that everything possible should be done to prevent inversion – I bet you didn’t know this before :roll:. Joke aside, the sentence reads different after that struggling. Contrary to some of my earlier beliefs, I think now that there should be a proper anti-inversion device up on the mast. At least when sailing away from the crowd. A 40 Liter model someone mentioned sounds very reasonable now. Also, it might be a good idea to have knots tied in the righting line every foot or so, to help holding onto it.

On the bright side, as we fiddled around the inverted boat many RIBs and boats rushed to us offering help.

Happy sailing to all!