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I have no better photos of the Secumar but I haul it up on the line which runs up the outside of the mast to a cheek block at the top and back down, it works as a topping lift, and also for raising the Secumar and/or a mast head Nav light (a picture of which is shown in this topic viewtopic.php?f=5&t=747 ). The line is tied off to a cleat on the tabernacle.

It would seem unlikely to need a Secumar at the same time as a topping lift as I only really use the latter for when I have the tent up, and I can always remove the boom and put it in the bottom of the boat or scandalise the main. I tie the Secumar on at its top and bottom, with a loop around the uphaul line from the bottom to hold it in (using a bowline knot), before pulling both uphaul and downhaul taut. I see no reason why secumar and nav light could not go up on the same line if required, indeed that is the way I have thought it through. Alternatively use a double cheek block and have two lines but how often do you sail at night?

Hope that helps.