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Colin Parkstone

It would be interesting to find out which clubs send in a report to the RYA, that may give a clue to the type of racing they get their numbers from.
Maybe the results that are returned are not from clubs with new Mk4’s and so still represent the older boats in the class.
The new younger and good sailors who have joined us of late may only do the open meetings and championship racing and may never do any handicap racing !
We only have one race a year that involves a handicap and that’s a pursuit race. We sometimes do well in the very strong weather and sometimes in the very light with long downwind legs.
A Wayfarer has never won as far as i remember but close twice in the above weather conditions, around 5th out of 45 starters.
I would take the number while you can and also the silerware, it may not last as clubs always change the handicap locally if one class wins more than another!!!
Oh how i like my class racing!!! The Winner wins on the day and not in the Time Keepers Hut !!