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I am planning to keep my wayfarer on a mooring in the solent all be it down wooton creek but there are a few good ideas i have picked up from the club boat that also used to be on moorings : if you have 2 mooring line eg not a swing mooring then obviously one is at the bow and one is at the stern the bow line is easy to secure you just need two open fairleads right at the front of the bow then you need a cleat just behind that dip in the small spray delfector on the fore deck ( i am refering to a mk 11 ) then all you need to do is put the line through the fairleads and the loop on the end of the linbe over the cleat. The stern is slightly more comlicated but the line should come up and under the main sheet track ( through the gap where the tiller fits) then down and you should attach a carribena onto the end so that it can be clipped onto a D ring that is screwd into the floor. regarding covers if you replace the underboat straps with shoccord and clips you can then stand on the fore deck and clip the cover to the shouds and other parts of the boat . i hope this helps .