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Re main halyard: I have tried both 5mm and 4mm, and prefer 4mm as it is less bulky. I used dyneema for low stretch. Feel free to buy as much as you like but you don’t need yards and yards of excess because it just gets in the way. A tangled halyard is a very bad thing when you need to get the sail down in a hurry. From memory the halyard should be about 13m, but a bit of excess would find a use. It’s handy to have enough halyard to let the whole sail drop down into the boat- on some boats the halyard stops short of this.
Your centreboard ought to be pretty secure and shouldn’t be going anywhere. A chunky rope handle should stop it dropping through the slot, or even better a pair of rubber stoppers will do the trick.
Buoyancy and inversion-prevention is a problem that can be solved in different ways. I haven’t actually done anything on my boat and I sail on some pretty open water. I did fit righting lines though. Keep the boat dry inside, use a sensible sail plan, and you won’t be capsizing any time soon. There are some threads on the forum discussing the different options.