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Welcome! And you have a good hull to start with. Moores was known for its strong hulls. Though most were rather heavy the extra strong GRP gave the Moores built MK2’s some extra stiffness allowing it to perform reasonably well in races too. For cruising it is a very good base indeed. If you are lucky it still has an old style, floating mast. It is said to have better characteristics then the modern mast.

By now you must have figured there are lots of information resources on the Internet as well as friendly people willing to answer any question. But the best help is found at the clubs with Wayfarer fleets and the association’s events throughout the world. There you will always find helpful Wayfarer sailors willing to explain their set-up and giving advice on yours. Crewing for one is good fun and another fine way to explore the boat. Cruising events in particular are next to a lot of fun events where the experienced help starters. They are also great family events. Check out the Wayfarer conference, the Lake District “Wayfarer Gathering”, the Rantzausminde rally in Denmark or the International Rally to name just a few.