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Wise words, Tempest51 but my shrouds don’t have a standby in place and they could give way as well. On a Laser 2000 it is common practice (at least amongst the L2ks I know) to release the forestay from the bow area and take it back to the mast once the genoa is rigged. However I have ordered my roller furling today which comes with a sprongy crane thingy to hold the forestay out of the way, I will see how well it works before I try removing it although I will change it to Dyneema to make it easier to handle when off the boat.

Incidentally Oliver I am sorry, I see I got it a bit wrong in my previous post, the lacing eye should be attached to the boom near the outboard end as the rope has to pass forward to the clew of the sail. Furthermore the genoa halyard that the rigger can make up for you is a combination of stainless steel and rope, if that was not obvious.