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Bob Harland

I have seen bottle screws used on Wayfarer forestays. These days they are not common – that’s probably because most people tension the rig with the jib halyard.
In the past the jib was usually hanked to the forestay (i.e. piston hanks or plastic clips along the luff of the jib). So as long as there was good tension in the forestay it was not necessary to achieve any great tension on the jib halyard. The jib halyard could be hauled up by hand and tied off on a simple cleat.
If your jib is hanked to the forestay then a bottle screw would be fine. If not the jib luff will still sag once the wind pipes up.

You might not be too bothered about this. We have an old club wayfarer with a plain rope halyard and a bit of swigging on the forestay allows a reasonable tension on the jib halyard.

Also consider how good the stem fastenings are – before applying a lot of force!

hope that helps